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UBC Solar Car Team uses PSIM to Learn About Power Conversion

Learn how the UBC Solar car team is using PSIM to help them understand and design their PV Max Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and their motor drive system.

PSIM v11.1.5 Release

New PSIM v11.1.5: Fixed-point range check, Chinese language version, script updates, JMAG-RT model with iron loss, more...

PowerForge & PSIM Partnership

PSIM in the News: How2Power Wireless Power Transfer

In the December 2017 issue of the How2Power Newsletter, John M. Miller and John Wolgemuth of Momentum Dynamics evaluate the practical and safety related limitations to high-power WPT (wireless power transfer), especially for heavy duty (HD) vehicles such as shuttle and transit bus, material handling, truck, rail, aerospace and marine.

PSIM v11.1.3 Release

New PSIM v11.1.3: new Thermal device type "MOSFET (Eon)", allowing SiC & GaN device loss calculation. New PWM IC models, new SPICE subcircuit, more...

PSIM Version 11.1 Release

Details on the latest PSIM features such as SiC/GaN SPICE models, support LTspice simulation, support for CAN bus communications and high-resolution PWM (HRPWM) as part of PSIM's support of embedded code generation for MCU development.

SmartCtrl 4.0 Release

2017 PSIM News

2017 September PSIM Newsletter

New PSIM Videos – Hotkey Customization & Troubleshooting

Watch to learn about hotkey customization and PSIM productivity tip, as well as troubleshooting power electronics with PSIM - modulation vs. carrier.

PSIM v11.0.3 Release – Now Available