Annual Maintenance

With 20+ years of immersive experience in power electronics, Powersim is trusted to deliver the software solutions and technical support its customers rely on to accelerate moving from design, to prototype, to product, faster. As power electronics simulation experts we have a deep understanding of the market today – and where it’s heading – as well as the complex demands of engineers in academia and industry. We use this expertise to develop products and provide service that both meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  

We never stop working to improve our software to suit our customer’s needs. 

Our clients purchase the Annual Software Maintenance package to have access to our comprehensive technical support, free software version updates and upgrades for the length of one calendar year.

When you purchase a new perpetual license of PSIM Professional or DSIM, the first year of the optional maintenance is included for free. In the following year, the optional annual maintenance renewal is offered, and we would send the quote for renewal approximately forty-five (45) days before the expiration date.

The Annual Maintenance Plan protects your software investment, and ensures that your software tool is always up-to-date.

Customers with the maintenance plan benefit as follows:

Technical Support

Technical support includes support on the use of the software from our team of engineers by email or phone.

Please note that technical support does not include on-site visit, model development, or circuit/system design and debugging in general. Such special requests may be fee-based, and a quote will be provided if needed.

Updates and Upgrades

When a new version of the software is released during your maintenance period, the upgrade will be sent out to you by email free of charge. PSIM and DSIM also shall automatically prompt the user(s) when an update/upgrade has become available.

Note, updates are inclusive of the product and any Module on the license, and would not include any new product or Module not part of the license.

For example, if the license is one of PSIM Pro plus Motor Drive and Digital Control Modules, all updates relating to PSIM, Motor, and Digital would be updated. Any updates for a different Module (i.e. Thermal or SimCoder Module) or a product not relating to PSIM (SmartCtrl or DSIM) will not be included because they are not part of the PSIM/Motor/Digital license.

Simplified License Management

Customers with a license with software maintenance can access all their license information and available downloads with an account on our website.

First, create an account here (using the email address used during your order process): https:/

Then access ‘Your Profile‘ to review license details and download software.

Additional Benefits

We offer 1-2 free hours of personalized webinar training for customers with software maintenance, customized to your exact PSIM and DSIM simulation needs.

Another offer for maintenance customers: we will build you a customized script. In PSIM v11, the new script functionality was released. Our scripts can help you automate your design process by:

  • automating the sweep of multiple parameters through custom ranges.
  • compiling selected results from multiple simulations for easy analysis.
  • analyze results to determine which parameters meet certain design specifications.
  • much more!

Can I purchase more than one year of the Software Maintenance?

Yes you can purchase and hold one, two, or up to three years of the software maintenance. A new license comes with the one year of free maintenance, and you could choose to add up to two more years at the time of purchase. Or if you choose to upgrade and add the software maintenance to an older license, you may choose to add up to three years. At the time of your maintenance renewal, you may choose to renew for one, two or three years.

What if I don’t renew the Software Maintenance?

You can continue using your Perpetual License after the Software Maintenance has expired. Technical support will be limited to the self-help resources available on our website, or basic questions to our support team via our online support form.