Sensorless PMSM Drive Using InstaSPIN

Complete sensorless motor drive solution from beginning to end

Using TI’s InstaSPIN technology, PSIM provides the complete sensorless PMSM motor drive solution, from motor parameter identification, to parameter file preparation, current/speed controller design, simulation, and eventually automatic code generation for hardware implementation.

InstaSPIN provides a robust and high-performance position estimator that requires minimum or no tuning. This, combined with PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite and capability to perform offline simulation as well as auto code generation, offers a very quick and easy-to-use solution for a sensorless PMSM motor drive.

Sensorless Motor Drive Templates

A key to the sensorless motor drive solution is the design of the current loop and speed loop PI controllers. Based on high-level system input and specifications, PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite offers several pre-defined design templates that can design the current/speed loop controllers automatically. This alleviates engineers from the effort of designing a stable control loop with good performance, and significantly speeds up the design process.

Below is a high-level structure of the Design Suite template:

Four design templates are provided in the Motor Control Design Suite:

  • PMSM Sensorless Drive (InstaSPIN):
  • PMSM Sensorless Drive (InstaSPIN SimCoder):
  • PMSM (SPM) Sensorless Drive (InstaSPIN):
  • PMSM (IPM) Sensorless Drive (InstaSPIN):

The first two templates use TI’s InstaSPIN lab control structure. The second template also includes PSIM’s SimCoder blocks and can generate ready-to-run hardware code. The third and forth templates use the Motor Control Design Suite’s control structure, with maximum torque-per-ampere control and field weakening control.

From Simulation to Hardware Implementation

With PSIM’s SimCoder function, one can go directly from offline simulation to hardware implementation. The diagram below shows the circuit from the second design template (click on image to enlarge):


DSP peripheral blocks, such as ADC, PWM, SCI, and SPI, are included in the schematic. After the circuit performance is validated, code that is ready to run on DSP can be generated directly.

Workflow Simplification

You can complete the entire workflow of sensorless PMSM motor drive design and implementation all in the PSIM environment. Below is a simple diagram illustrating the complete system from motor identification to code generation. Let PSIM do the work for you, and watch your motor spin!

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