BLDC: Trapezoidal Sensored

Brushless DC Motor Control with Sensored Trapezoidal Control

To complement the TI app note “Trapezoidal Control of BLDC Motors Using Hall Effect Sensors“, PSIM provides examples that are structured to exactly match the build levels of the app note.

Each level can be simulated in PSIM and the corresponding control code can be automatically generated for a F28335 or F28035 (floating point or fixed point) DSP from TI. Download the appropriate zip files below.

Below is a screenshot of the power stage in the PSIM schematic which contains both the inverter circuit and BLDC motor from the TI High-Voltage Motor Control Development Kit.


The build levels implemented

To help users better understand the control algorithm, the TI app note and the PSIM examples are structured into different build levels, from the simplest to the most complicated, as described briefly below.

Level 1: This build describes the steps for a “minimum” system check-out of the peripheral and target independent modules.

Level 2: A companion simulation for this level is not needed.

Level 3: After this build level the closed-loop operation of sensored trapezoidal drive will be completed.

Level 4: A companion simulation for this level is not needed.

Level 5: This build level closes the outer speed loop and the inner current speed loops. The figure below shows the complete control schematic of Level 5.



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