“PSIM assisted us in understanding how power converters operate, which will provide us with a baseline intuition when we are debugging the circuit prototypes.”
Joe Bichel, UBC Solar

What you need to know

When your team qualifies for a sponsorship license we will stay in touch throughout the competition for help and support of your project while using our software. In the end we will create some awesome content together with the teams to promote their work and efforts.

In addition to the software licenses, your team will also be able to schedule three (3) hours of web based training.


Key License Features

  • Includes the “Education Pro Package” and “SimCoder Package” as described on the Academic License options table
  • The Motor Control Design Suite generates a stable motor control solution based on your system parameters
  • The HEV Design Suite generates a fully defined power train simulation based on your system parameters
  • Code generation will help you implement your control algorithms onto target DSPs (F2833x, F2803x, F2802x, F2806x, F2837x, F28004x)
  • Processor-In-Loop (PIL) simulation allows your control algorithm to execute on the DSP while controlling the powerstage in PSIM
  • The Thermal Module will allow you to determine your heatsink requirements

Request Sponsorship Licenses

Request Sponsorship Licenses

The Waterloop team from the University of Waterloo is aiming to build the technologies to prove that supersonic vacuum tube transportation is possible. They are competing in the next SpaceEx Hyperloop competition and are planning to demonstrate a full-scale Hyperloop by 2025.
Powersim is a proud sponsor of the team and provides a full PSIM license to them for the development of a high-speed linear induction motor as well as the motor controller board. Jason Wu is the motor control lead of the team and summarizes their work progress so far and how PSIM helped them to get there.