1.2. Annual Academic License – Subscription Option

PSIM, DSIM, and SmartCtrl are available as a cost-saving subscription option. The subscription includes the maintenance package, including free software updates, upgrades, and ongoing access to technical support. More details on maintenance benefits found below in Section 1.3.

For a subscription license, the software expires automatically after the corresponding period of the term purchased.



1.3. Maintenance

The Software Annual Maintenance protects your software investment, and entitles you to regular product updates and ongoing access to comprehensive technical support.

Free software maintenance is included for the first year with any new software license. The following year the optional annual maintenance renewal is offered, and we would send the quote for renewal approximately 45 days before the expiration date.

More benefits of the maintenance plan can be read here on our Annual Maintenance page.

The maintenance plan has to be subscribed to yearly as a continuous option. If the maintenance is started, but then not renewed, adding it back on would require upgrading to the latest version and payment of the maintenance for one year, or payment of the maintenance back to the date of its expiration and adding it for one year.

* Pricing may vary depending on region and add-ons, and is subject to change without notice.