Educational Licensing

Our commitment to serving the academic community means making sure you can access PSIM at a rate that makes sense for you. PSIM has re-designed its educational licensing options to add more modules and include more users for a significantly lower cost.

At Powersim, we offer substantial discounts to help educators, researchers and students push the boundaries of what’s possible in this field.  To get started using PSIM in your classroom or research group, explore the licensing table below.

Comparison table of PSIM Demo, Student, and Professional versions
Features Demo** Student* Professional
Cost Free $ $$
Circuit Size Limit 34 Elements 60 elements No Limit
PSIM Student Package* ✔** ✔***
PSIM Pro Package ✔**
SimCoder Package
PsimBook Exercise   ✔✔**** ✔✔
PIL (Processor-in-Loop) Module   ✔✔
SPICE Module ✔✔
MagCoupler Module ✔✔
MagCoupler-RT Module ✔✔
ModCoupler-VHDL and -Verilog Modules ✔✔
C block (built-in C interpreter)
PWM IC models
Saturable core element
Advanced DLL blocks (embedded Software block and general DLL block)
3-phase PLL blocks and 1-phase/3-phase enhanced PLL blocks

 Feature is available with restrictions to the demo versions
✔✔ Feature is available as add-on option at additional cost
 Feature is not available

* PSIM Student version has only the following Modules available: Motor Drive, Digital Control, Renewable Energy, and PsimBook Exercise (optional add-on feature)

** In addition to the 34-element limit, the demo version also imposes limits and restrictions on individual elements and functionality, including simulation function. The demo has restricted access to only the Motor, Digital, SimCoupler, Thermal, and Renewable Energy Modules

*** Except non-linear machine models

****Some of the exercises require the Motor Drive Module for full functionality.  Some of the exercises require PSIM Professional (circuits with more than 60 elements) See HERE for more detail.

Student Package: PSIM + Motor Drive + Digital Control + Renewable Energy
PSIM Pro Package: PSIM + Motor Drive + Digital Control + SimCoupler + Thermal + Renewable Energy + Motor Control Design Suite + HEV Design Suite
SimCoder Package:  SimCoder plus F2833x + F2837x + F2802x + F2803x + F2806x Targets (for embedded code generation)

Other optional add-on Modules: PE-Expert4, PIL (Processor-in-Loop), SPICE, SPICE Pro, MagCoupler and MagCoupler-RT (for co-simuation with JMAG or JMAG-RT files), Modcoupler-VHDL and ModCoupler-Verilog (for co-simulation with Modelsim), and PsimBook Exercise.

SmartCtrl is a separate software independent of PSIM. A limited version of SmartCtrl comes with the PSIM demo version installation. SmartCtrl can be purchased separately or in conjunction with PSIM.


The following PSIM license options are offered for Universities, Professors, or Students:

  • Student Package or Pro Package version (permanent licenses for purchase). A new PSIM Pro license includes includes first year of the optional maintenance package
  • Stand-alone or Network licenses
  • Free Teaching licenses of the PSIM Student version; for instructor teaching use only and not for individual student request.
  • Academic Classroom Licenses (Annual lease):
    • restricted to use by students and teachers in connection with on-campus classroom teaching only. The use of Academic Classroom Licenses for research or any other purpose is prohibited.
    • The Lease includes the maintenance package, including free software updates, upgrades, and ongoing access to technical support. The Student version is not available as a lease, and does not have the maintenance option.
    • Classroom licenses are of the PSIM Education Pro Package only.  Other options available on a case by case basis.

Note: All licensing is softkey only (electronic download). Individuals students may purchase a permanent license of the PSIM Student version following our confirmation of their student status.

Please note that the Student version or lease option may not be available in your region. Please check your local distributor for the availability.

The Demo Version is free and unlimited in time. It has the full functionality, with the exception that the subcircuit and library editing functions are disabled. The total element size is limited to 34. In addition, there are further limits on individual elements and simulation function. The Demo Version is unrestricted and can be freely copied and distributed.

Read the end-user software license agreement EULA here.