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PSIM provides expert technical support and delivers systems-level solutions with fast, accurate results. PSIM is trusted by academics and professionals alike to test hypotheses early and easily, and get from design to implementation accurately and quickly. Access the fastest and easiest-to-use power electronics simulator, and confidently manage your budgets knowing you’re receiving outstanding value with more benefits.  

Significantly reduce your design time from simulation to hardware prototypes and final products. PSIM makes it easy to co-simulate with other popular platforms such as MatLab, JMAG, and Modelsim.

Time-starved engineering students and professors can access free expert training with a minimum of only 5 users to help you better leverage product features and explore new modules to solve innovation challenges. PSIM offers free monthly webinars to help users with both basic and advanced use, and one access PSIM’s rich tutorial video content online anytime.

PSIMBOOK EXERCISE is developed specifically for engineering schools and universities. It incorporates contents, industrial background, problems, and simulation into one unified environment, making it easier for students to learn. The exercises cover various subjects and applications of power electronics.

Educational Licenses & Packages & Sponsorships

Our commitment to serving the academic community means making sure you can access PSIM at a rate that makes sense for you. PSIM has re-designed its educational offering to add more modules and include more users for a significantly lower cost. All PSIM education packages now include the latest Version 10 software, featuring the diode model with reverse recovery, MOFSET model with on/off transient, faster AC sweep and much more.

At Powersim, we offer substantial discounts to help educators, researchers and students push the boundaries of what’s possible in this field. Find out more when you visit our Educational License page to uncover the possibilities.  

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Investing in the Future

Powersim is investing in the future of power electronics engineers by sponsoring two student solar vehicle competitions. We believe strongly that the best training comes from hands-on real world experience and these challenges provide engineering students this opportunity.

The American Solar Challenge is a competition to design, build and drive solar-powered cars in a cross-country time/distance rally event.  Learn more about this challenge, when you click here.

Learn more about the ASC Sponsorship.

Shaping the future of power electronics

Powersim has also devoted resources to the Formula SAE competition.

This is a student design competition organized by SAE International.  Students design, build and drive their small Formula style race car based on a series of rules.  Learn more about our sponsorship of this design competition when you click here.

Discover our investment in students here

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Simulate power electronics with fast and accurate software, as well as deep technical support.  Get reliable results and move your innovations forward.