Powersim Releases DSIM 2021b – A Major Upgrade


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockville, Maryland – December 13, 2021

Powersim, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of DSIM version 2021b. This is a significant software update with the addition of numerous new features:

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Key features & updates of DSIM 2021b include:

New superfast AC Sweep

AC analysis is often a process that entails long simulation times, especially for large and complex systems.

DSIM’s brand-new AC Sweep support speeds up this process to a fraction of the time.


Switching transient simulation for the entire circuit

Previously, DSIM analyzed the switching transient of a converter with the transient confined within the converter for maximum speed performance.

Now, DSIM offers the new option of simulating the switching transient together with the external circuit for maximum accuracy. With this feature, it is also possible to perform EMI simulations.


DLL Support

DSIM now supports DLL blocks with 1, 3, 6, 12, 20, and 25 inputs as well as the general DLL block; so, you can use your custom c code.


Automatic Conversion of Comparator-Based PWM

When comparator-based PWM circuits are built, the DSIM solver will automatically convert the circuits to carrier PWM blocks. With this functionality, many existing examples in the PSIM example folder, or built by PSIM users before, can be directly solved by DSIM without extra effort.


Automatic Discretization of S-Domain Blocks

DSIM V2021b now automatically discretizes s-domain blocks. The discretization frequency is dependent on the maximum frequency inside the circuit, and a minimum frequency of 100 kHz will be used. The continuous transfer functions are discretized by bilinear transformation.


New Elements

DSIM V2021b supports over 50 new elements.



New Examples

20 new examples are added to the DSIM Example Library.

| ac-dc |

  • PWM Rectifier Closed-Loop SVPWM
  • PWM Rectifier (open loop)
  • 3-ph PWM Rectifier with PFC
  • 3-ph Diode Rectifier
  • Multi-Level Inverter with RC Snubber (Discrete Switch)

| dc-dc |

  • Forward Converter with Discrete Switches
  • Flyback Converter with Discrete Switches
  • Boost Converter – Interleaved
  • Push-Pull Converter

| Motor Drive |

  • Induction Motor Sensorless Control
  • Induction Motor Vector Control-Cascaded H Bridge

| Solar Power |

  • PV-Half Bridge DCDC

| Others |

  • Grid-Connected Microgrid
  • MMC Converter (Grid-Connected)
  • Test Device Transient Model-Multi Pulse Test
  • Transient simulation with physical IGBT and SiC MOSFET models (5 examples)


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About Powersim, Inc.

Powersim, Inc. is a market leader in simulation and design tools for power electronics research and product development in power supplies, motor drives, and power conversion and control systems. Powersim products provide the finest analysis and design tools in the industry. We strive to increase customers’ efficiency and productivity by delivering software that reduces the development cost and time-to-market. Since its first release in 1994, our flagship product PSIM has evolved from a simple power electronics simulator to a powerful simulation platform that offers comprehensive simulation and design capabilities for various applications.


Software Maintenance

If you own a license of DSIM under current software maintenance, follow the instructions to update to version 2021b in the email received from us on December 14th. If you did not receive an email and you think you should have, contact us at sales (at) powersimtech.com.