Powersim Releases PSIM 2021b With Extensive New Functionalities


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockville, Maryland – November 29, 2021

Powersim, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of PSIM version 2021b, a significant software update with the addition of numerous new features, including a brand-new analysis toolset, FMI co-simulation capability, extended EMI and resonant converter design capabilities, and much more!


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Key features & updates of PSIM 2021b include:


New Design Verification Toolset, including:

  • Monte Carlo Analysis: Study how different parameter variations would affect your outputs.
  • Sensitivity Analysis: Study how sensitive your outputs are to certain parameters.
  • Fault Analysis: Study how your circuit responds to various fault conditions.


FMI Module for co-simulation with other software

  • Generated FMU models can be loaded by other software that supports the FMI standard for co-simulation.


New functions for EMI simulation & filter design

  • 3-phase system support: EMI Filter, LISN, Signal Analyzer for 3-phase systems
  • 3-phase Vienna Rectifier design template
  • New filter types: Pi-type and T-type filters in addition to the existing L-Type
  • ESR and ESL added to Capacitor Cx and Cy, and inter-winding capacitance added to common-mode choke
  • Damping branch added to filters
  • Ground Plane element for different grounding points


New CLLLC design template for resonant converters


Support of JMAG-RT models for 6-phase PMSM and SynRM


Thermal Module Improvement

  • Direct access to the device in the Device Database


Support of Sigma Delta Frequency Modulator (SDFM) for auto code generation

  • for TI F2837x
  • for TI F28004x


Tool to check PSPICE netlist against LTspice netlist syntax

  • Check PSPICE netlist against LTspice netlist syntax, and suggest changes whenever possible with the SPICE Module.


New and revised PSIM elements:

  • bus bar
  • coax cable
  • PMSM (high frequ) (V)
  • Optocoupler (bi-directional)
  • turn-on time delay (logic)
  • SR Flip-Flop (revised)
  • SV PWM (2-level)
  • SV PWM (3-level)


5 new Applicate Notes


PSIM 2021b is now more powerful than ever, setting the standard for power electronics simulation software with simulation speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

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About Powersim, Inc.

Powersim, Inc. is a market leader in simulation and design tools for power electronics research and product development in power supplies, motor drives, and power conversion and control systems. Powersim products provide the finest analysis and design tools in the industry. We strive to increase customers’ efficiency and productivity by delivering software that reduces the development cost and time-to-market. Since its first release in 1994, our flagship product PSIM has evolved from a simple power electronics simulator to a powerful simulation platform that offers comprehensive simulation and design capabilities for various applications.

Software Maintenance

If you own a license of PSIM under current software maintenance, follow the instructions to update to version 2021b in the email received from us. If you did not receive an email and you think you should have, contact us at sales (at) powersimtech.com.