Powersim is proud to announce that recently the book “Power Electronics Circuit Analysis with PSIM” was released to the public for purchase.


The authors describe the book as a comprehensive guide to students and practicing engineers through the analysis of power electronics circuits, using PSIM.

It can also be used as an ideal hands-on source for a course in Power Electronics. The text focuses on solving problems using market-standard software, corresponding to all key concepts covered in the classroom. The authors use their extensive classroom experience to guide students toward a deeper understanding of key concepts, while they gain expertise with the PSIM software which they will need to master for later studies and practical use in their engineering careers.

The book is written in tutorial style and contains more than 50 sample simulations visualized through screenshots.

The process of designing controllers using SmartCtrl is also highlighted in the book.


The authors

Dr. Farzin Asadi – professor at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Maltepe University in Istanbul, Turkey




Dr. Kei Eguchi – professor at the Department of Information Electronics of Fukuoka Institute of Technology in Fukuoka, Japan



have joined forces creating this handbook to help PSIM users quickly and easily get started with power electronics circuit analysis.


Buy the book

If you would like to buy the book you can do so through Amazon or through the publisher’s website DeGruyter.