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Microgrids and electrical systems comprise more than just 3-phase inverters, batteries, and solar panels. An electric vehicle is a complete system of converters and motor drives working with each other. Satellites and rockets also feature many converters and subsystems. Power flow, converter sharing, and interaction are some of the many aspects that need to be understood. In this webinar, we present tools that can tackle these complex systems without resorting to simulation compromises like average models and reduced switching speeds.


DSIM 2021a has undergone some impressive improvements and we use this novel engine for utility-type microgrid simulation through to low voltage DC systems during this webinar.


Highlights include:

  • Grid-connected 3-phase inverters with droop control
  • Motor drives with subsystem DC-DC converters for supporting electronics
  • DC microgrids and systems

In this webinar, we compare the speed of simulation of DSIM vs PSIM for various microgrids and systems. Read more.