Powersim Releases PSIM 2021a With Extensive New Functionalities


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockville, Maryland – March 15, 2021

Powersim, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of PSIM version 2021a. This is another significant software update with the addition of numerous new features.





Key features & updates of PSIM 2021a include:


New add-on module: EMI Design Suite for EMI analysis and EMI filter design

  • The EMI Design Suite provides a convenient platform to conduct EMI analysis and mitigation and helps speed up the EMI pre‐compliance substantially.
  • Function blocks necessary for EMI analysis are provided, such as EMI Filter, LISN, Signal Analyzer, and Common‐Mode Capacitor blocks.
  • Five pre‐built design templates are provided for buck converter, boost converter, power factor correction converter, phase‐shifted full‐bridge dc‐dc converter, and PMSM motor drive


New add-on module: New Power Supply Design Suite for resonant converter design and optimization

  • The Power Supply Design Suite makes the design process of a resonant LLC converter, which requires iterations of many design variables, considerably easier and faster
  • The Design Suite provides a Steady State Solver Tool and a Design Curve Tool to provide closed-form solutions of key design variables and waveforms instantly
  • A general template with 4 resonant elements to design and optimize 5 different resonant tanks (LC, LLC, CLL, CL, LLC-L/CLLL)



New Features Added to the Motor Control Design Suite:


Improved motor control blocks with advanced Maximum‐Torque‐Per‐Volt (MTPV) control

  • MTPV control is critically important in extending the motor operation into the high-speed region
  • Speed Control block implements advanced Maximum‐Torque‐Per‐Ampere (MTPA) control, field weakening control, and MTPV control


New Speed‐Torque Curve and design templates in the Motor Control Design Suite, including support to JMAG‐RT models

  • Provides quick insight on the operation boundary of the drive system, and can help in the proper definition of the operation conditions and control loop design


JMAG‐RT model design template

  • A JMAG‐RT model has a very high level of fidelity that is comparable to an actual motor
  • The Motor Control Design Suite allows for the setup and simulation of a motor drive system with close-to-real-world motor behavior


New RT block that supports all JMAG‐RT models

  • The block provides an easy way to connect JMAG‐RT models with the rest of the power electronics and control system for performance evaluation
  • supports all types of JMAG-RT models


Direct interface with JMAG‐Express Online

  • JMAG‐Express Online is a free web‐based platform provided by JSOL Co.
  • Quickly design a motor with minimum inputs
  • This interface streamlines the workflow from motor design in JMAG‐Express Online to drive performance evaluation in PSIM



Updates to PSIM:


New elements



New devices added to the database

  • Over 50 new IGBT and MOSFET devices for loss calculation from manufacturers including Infineon, Semikron, Mitsubishi Electric, Powerex, Fuji Electric, and Vincotech.
  • For many of the IGBT devices, parameters of the Level‐2 models are also provided


Multi‐Level Models for 1‐phase and 3‐phase Inverters

  • Integrated with the switching models in one multi‐level model



New Script Functions

  • For example, functions to perform transpose of a matrix and calculate matrix eigenvalues, inverse, and determinant
  • Also, a function to load another script into a script and run the other script


New Welcome Page

  • Convenient and quick access to recent files, examples, and commonly used functions and resources
  • Links to recent and upcoming news and events


Update to SimCoder:


SimCoder C Block

  • With this block, you can protect the block, and send it to someone else to use without revealing the details of the block.



PSIM is now more powerful than ever, setting the standard for power electronics simulation software with simulation speed, accuracy, and ease of use.



About Powersim, Inc.

Powersim, Inc. is a market leader in simulation and design tools for power electronics research and product development in power supplies, motor drives, and power conversion and control systems. Powersim products provide the finest analysis and design tools in the industry. We strive to increase customers’ efficiency and productivity by delivering software that reduces the development cost and time-to-market. Since its first release in 1994, our flagship product PSIM has evolved from a simple power electronics simulator to a powerful simulation platform that offers comprehensive simulation and design capabilities for various applications.

New Version Naming System

It is important to note that we are now implementing a new naming convention for version numbering with PSIM. The new version system will be annual, with version 2020a the first release, 2020b the second release in 2020, etc.

Software Maintenance

If you own a license of PSIM under current software maintenance, follow the instructions to update to version 2021a in the email received from us. If you did not receive an email and you think you should have, contact us at sales (at) powersimtech.com.