Revolutionarily simulation tool DSIM promises dramatic change to the simulation and design of microgrids and more

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockville, Maryland – June 30, 2020

Maryland, MD – Powersim is pleased to announce the release of DSIM, a new dedicated tool for the simulation of power electronics.

DSIM takes a totally new approach to the simulation of power electronics, and the performance is simply astounding when comparing to any existing simulation software or hardware simulation system. Simulation speeds of 100x to 1000x have been documented versus existing offline simulation software packages. The larger and more complex the system, the bigger the simulation time difference.

The ultimate application for DSIM will be the simulation of microgrids and megawatt-level power converter systems. No other tools can offer what DSIM can do as DSIM allows designers to simulate systems & scenarios they would have only ever dreamed of before. A microgrid can be broadly defined as multiple power converters and generators working together in a system. These systems can consist of one or multiple power converters and generators or larger more complex systems with hundreds of components.

Before DSIM, the simulation of individual power converters, such as PV grid interface inverters, was easily performed in a few seconds or minutes. Having multiple power converters would dramatically increase the simulation time from a few seconds to hours or days. This dramatic increase in simulation time requires the abstraction of complexity and simplification of models. Whenever a simplified model is used, there is a loss of fidelity in the results. DSIM allows more accurate models to be used and in most cases still simulates faster than the simplified models with the traditional simulation tools.

Currently, the only viable approach to simulate these big systems in a reasonable time period is to use real-time hardware simulation solutions. Real-time simulation systems are expensive, complex, and come with their own set of constraints to ensure “real-time”. While DSIM is not a “real-time” simulation, it runs close to the “real-time” speed.  More importantly, it runs on a regular personal computer and does not require an expensive set of dedicated hardware.

New converter designs are increasing efficiency and system robustness. However, these new designs are becoming more complex and driving up simulation times. DSIM will allow these new designs to be fully simulated and for these converters to be simulated working together in ways that have not been possible before. DSIM will fundamentally change the way engineers and researchers simulate.

The results from DSIM simulations have been verified against hardware prototypes and have been published in peer-reviewed papers and journals. Initial testers of DSIM have also verified its results with hardware and other offline simulation software.

Learn more about DSIM or request a 30-day trial.