August 15, 2019 | Posted in News

Powersim releases PSIM v12.0 with extensive new functionalities.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockville, Maryland – August 15, 2019

Powersim, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of PSIM version 12.0, a significant software update with the addition of numerous new features, including new dual time step, RidleyWorks link, and new advanced motor models.

Key features & updates of PSIM v12.0 include:

  • New dual time step.
  • Variable sampling in digital control.
  • PMSM model with spatial harmonics.
  • 6-phase PMSM model.
  • Thermal Module improvement.
  • AC analysis of switchmode circuits in LTspice.
  • Support of PE Expert4’s FPGA Board for multi level converter and MMC applications.
  • Support of TI F2837x DSP for auto code generation.
  • Major improvements in waveform processing software Simview.
  • High-frequency induction motor model.
  • Defining node names for math expressions in SPICE models.
  • Nonlinear capacitor model in LTspice.
  • PWM controller, square-wave controller, and phase-shift controller.
  • Improved nonlinear Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) model.
  • Built-in modules for multi-level multi-modular converters.
  • Single-phase/3-phase conventional and enhanced phase-lock loops (PLL).
  • Link with RidleyWorks design software.


PSIM v12 is now more powerful than ever, setting the standard for power electronics simulation software with simulation speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

PSIM’s new dual time step allows for an increase in simulation accuracy while having a faster simulation. With the additions to the Motor Drive Module, PSIM now boasts the most comprehensive set of machine models available without an FEA co-simulation. Changes to the Thermal Module ensure that PSIM maintains its edge as an easy to use and powerful simulation platform, developed with the power electronics designer in mind.

PSIM’s full featured support of the F2837x MCU from Texas Instruments allows for users to easily leverage the advanced ePWM and other high performance peripherals of this next generation processor. PSIM’s new support of the PE-Expert4 mixed DSP/FPGA digital control development system will allow for complex and challenging power converter topologies, e.g. multi-level inverters, to be easily implemented. Up to 144 PWM waveforms with a carriers of up to 400KHz can be quickly generated for hardware control with a few button clicks. This shifts development time back to algorithm and control development away from physical implementation.

With the new RidleyWorks link, one can design in RidleyWorks and with a single button click export into PSIM, saving hours of setup time. “The collaboration between PSIM and Ridleyworks ties the industry’s most powerful design tool with the fastest and most versatile simulator for power systems. This provides a new level of analysis to power electronics engineers”, said Dr. Ray Ridley, President of Ridley Engineering.

Review new v12 videos HERE

Further detailed descriptions on the new v12, review the presentation here (PDF): What’s New in PSIM v12.0

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Powersim, Inc. is a market leader in simulation and design tools for power electronics research and product development in power supplies, motor drives, and power conversion and control systems. Powersim products provide the finest analysis and design tools in the industry. We strive to increase customers’ efficiency and productivity by delivering software that reduces the development cost and time-to-market. Since its first release in 1994, our flagship product PSIM has evolved from a simple power electronics simulator to a powerful simulation platform that offers comprehensive simulation and design capabilities for various applications.