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Powersim, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of PSIM Version 11.1.5. Below you will find the full list of updates and revisions. For all PSIM version histories, please click here.



Script functions
New script functions “Formula” and “Eval” are added. These functions make it easier for formula manipulation and calculation, for example, when designing control loops in a s-domain transfer function block diagram. A new tutorial is provided to illustrate how to use these functions to design the inner current loop and outer voltage loop of a buck converter.

Fixed-point range check in SimCoder with no Target
For a circuit with no Hardware Target blocks, SimCoder can still generate floating-point or fixed-point code for a subcircuit within the circuit. In this version, the function to check the fixed-point range during simulation is added. This provides an easy way to determine if data types of fixed point blocks are properly set.

PMSM JMAG-RT model with iron loss
The MagCoupler-RT block for PMSM can now support JMAG-RT models with iron losses. Hysteresis loss and eddy current loss will be displayed, and internally a resistor will be added to each phase of the motor model to represent the iron losses.

Chinese version
This version provides Chinese language interface, with online help also in Chinese.


For a MOSFET (Eon) device, in the 3rd-quadrant operation, both the transistor and the body diode will conduct. In the previous version, it was assumed that only the transistor would conduct.


Oscilloscope in ac sweep simulation
When running the ac sweep, the time-domain oscilloscope does not work in the middle of simulation.

Time delay block in LOAD & SAVE
When LOAD and SAVE functions are used in a circuit with time delay blocks, the time delay blocks are not handled properly.

AC sweep in SPICE
When running ac sweep or step run in SPICE simulation, probe names are not correct.

AC sweep in LTspice simulation
When running ac sweep in LTspice simulation, phase angle waveforms may jump from -180 to +180 deg., instead of showing continuous waveforms.

Piecewise linear source in SPICE
Piecewise linear voltage/current sources are not implemented correctly in SPICE simulation.

When a circuit with a MagCoupler-DL block is loaded, if the location of the .xml file is changed, the .xml file needs to be re-selected. But after re-selection, PSIM does not re-read the .xml file, resulting in incorrect netlist.