November 16, 2017 | Posted in News

New Feature Highlights:

  • New SiC/GaN models for the new SPICE Pro Module
  • Support for LTspice simulation from the PSIM environment
  • New dual PSIM/SPICE model definition for seamless transition between PSIM and SPICE simulations
  • New saturable inductor model with hysteresis
  • New IGBT level-2 model (a PSIM model, compatible with motor and digital simulations)
  • Support for CAN bus and high-resolution PWM (HRPWM) for model based code generation with SimCoder and hardware targets
  • New PE-Expert4 Hardware Target for Myway PE-Expert4 DSP Development Platform
  • New Search Help function to search all PSIM documents, tutorials, and examples
Version 11.1 Tutorial Videos

Version 11.1 Highlights

Dual PSIM/SPICE model definition and running LTspice from PSIM

New IGBT Level-2 model

Version 11.1 PDF Document

For more details on what’s new in PSIM v11.1, click on the link below for the PDF document:
“What’s New PSIM V11.1”

Description of Key Features

PSIM version 11.1 provides new features that target two ends of the power electronics design spectrum: realistic device level modelling and embedded code generation for MCU development.

Realistic Device Level Modelling

With our introduction of dual PSIM/SPICE model definition for switch elements (diode, MOSFET, IGBT, and BJT) designers can make use of the strengths of PSIM and SPICE without needing to make any edits to their circuit. Also available is the ability to utilize the LTspice engine to run the SPICE netlist defined by PSIM. This important feature allows for a wider variety of SPICE models to be utilized. This alternate SPICE engine compliments the existing PSIM-SPICE engine as SPICE syntax and model compatibility is not shared across all SPICE variants.

SiC and GaN devices are currently revolutionizing the power electronics industry, our partner CoolCAD Electronics LLC is an industry leader in wide bandgap device modelling, and is now making their novel SiC and GaN device models available as part of our SPICE Pro Module option.

Further complimenting our level-2 PSIM models is a new level-2 IGBT model. First released with version 10, our level 2 models enable designers to make use of the more robust PSIM engine for “SPICE like” device level models, these simulations are compatible with motor models and with digital control circuits.

A new saturable inductor with hysteresis has also been added; this model approximates a stiff B-H curve well, and is more robust.

Embedded Code Generation for MCU Development

At the opposite side of device level models is our easy-to-use model based code generation tool SimCoder. Several new improvements have been made, with support for CAN bus communications and high-resolution PWM. These features are now available with our supported hardware targets: F2833x, F2803x, F2802x, and F2806x.

The PE-Expert4 DSP development platform from Myway is also now supported for embedded code generation. This compliments Powersim’s long support of power electronics development systems.

A new Search Help function has been added to the help menu. This function allows for users to interactively search all PSIM manuals, help files, documents, examples, and tutorial videos for keywords. Simply browse to the “Help” menu in PSIM.

The upgrade is now live and is available to maintenance customers for free, and an email with instructions will be sent to all maintenance users eligible for the upgrade.