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Powersim, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of PSIM Version 11.0.3. Below you will find the full list of updates and revisions.

For all PSIM version histories, please click here.


Sensorless PMSM Drive Templates  
Four new sensorless PMSM drive templates are added to the Motor Control Design Suite. These templates provide the complete design of sensorless PMSM drives, with Texas Instruments InstaSPIN used for position/speed estimation. Note that running these templates also requires the PIL Module.

Motor Control Design Suite
Two new blocks, “Dynamic Torque Limit Control (K_TA)” and “Dynamic Torque Limit Control (nonlinear K_TA)”, are added. They provide the capability to calculate the torque constant dynamically for better control performance.

F2806x Target
Previously, motor control blocks such as Maximum‐Torque‐Per‐Ampere control, field weakening control, and dynamic torque limit control, were supported for code generation for the F2833x Target only. Now, they are also supported for code generation for the F2806x Target.

Precision of Parameters
The precision of parameters in a parameter file can be set.


PIL Block
Previously the PIL block included time delay. Now the PIL block is changed to have no time delay, and users can add delay externally.


F2833x: Phase-shifted PWM
The phase‐shifted PWM block in the F2833x Target did not give the correct phase shift.

F2833x: SCI
The SCI C group (GPIO62, 63) in the F2833x Target did not work.

The FlashRelease and FlashRamRelease code of the F2806x Target did not restart after power off.

The MagCoupler‐RT did not work due to the wrong McHlp.dll file.

HEV Design Suite
The schematic in the traction motor template of the HEV Design Suite was incorrect.